Travel the path of academic excellence in educational programs to form committed professionals in constant pursuit of "Truth", which are genuine instruments of peace and light, constituted as Christian leaders and to contribute their valuable contribution to their lobbies in the field speaking.


Train service-minded professionals that respond to the needs and demands of communities and nations, for spiritual growth, organizational and social, based on a moral and ethical based and consolidated in the Christian doctrine. For this, the International Redeemed Christian University supports the learning of theological doctrines, in all its academic careers, either by direct linkage with IRCU or through agreements with other academic institutions.

About IRCU

IRCU has a Christ-centered institutional profile and meets the standards and laws of the Department of Education of Florida, Tallahassee, USA, to grant diplomas and degrees at the university level.

International Redeemed Christian University (IRCU)
Part 1, Chapter 1005, Section 1005.06 XVLVIII title. Florida.
Educational identity Authorization: Section 246.084.
TITULO20> CHAPTER 70> SUBCHAPTER IX> Part E> subpart 1> § 7886 and TITLE 42> CHAPTER 21B> § 2000bb-1

International Redeemed Christian University will operate under federal law and is exempt, and tax deductible.

E.E.U.U. Federal CODE:
TITLE 26> Subtitle F> CHAPTER 61> Subchapter A> PART III> Subpart A> § 6033 and Title 26> Subtitle A> CHAPTER 1> Subchapter F> PART II> § 508.